Photo Albums
New school year 2018-2019
Simply Theatre & Summer in Tuscany
Patrizia's Roman-themed 6th Birthday, dance performances & more
Action-packed Winter and Alessandra turns 8
The new school year 2017-2018 begins!
Summertime & Singapore holidays 2017
Tulips galore & Patrizia's 5th Birthday party!
Christmas and Alessandra's Super Hero 7th Birthday!
Autumn in shades of gold and orange
Summer finally arrives!
Printemps 2016 and Patrizia turns 4!
Happy 6th Birthday, Alessandra! Fun & Adventure in the snow
Rentrée 2015-2016
Summer vacation Singapore 2015
Spring, lovely Spring! And Patrizia turns 3 :-)
Alessandra turns 5! And other winter joys...
Rentrée 2014-2015
Summer vacation by the Tuscan seaside
Spring is here :-) and Happy 2nd Birthday, Patrizia!
Happy 4th Birthday, Alessandra! And other winter adventures...
Halloween and pumpkin season!
Summer vacation Singapore 2013
Happy 1st Birthday, Pati!
Springtime Princesses
Winter Wonderland (Ale's 3rd birthday & Easter!)
Summer/Autumn 2012
Patrizia Meiwen is born!
Fun in the Sun
Easter 2012
Happy 2nd birthday!
Summer vacation in Singapore!
Springtime Fun :-)
Autonomous baby!
Happy 1st Birthday!
Baby on the move
The little princess
The happy baby continues her adventures
Alessandra Meiyan is born!
Baby shower